At Ambler Podiatry’s two well equipped clinics in Johnstone and Greenock, we provide a comprehensive range of foot treatments.

An initial assessment at our clinics includes corn, callus, rough skin removal, advice on nail abnormalities and ingrown toe nails, verruca treatments, sporting injuries, gait analysis with a view to fitting orthotic insoles, foot wear analysis and skin abnormalities.

Our team of podiatrists will discuss further treatment requirements and the best treatments available for your foot problems.


We offer a range of treatments and will discuss the most suitable for you.

Ingrowing toe nails

Nail surgery procedures are undertaken under local anaesthetics , this is also administered where appropriate in any painful procedure.

Painful feet

We offer a wide range of treatment and advise for foot pain, strains and injuries. Many of these problems can be greatly helped by the appropriate use of correctly fitted orthotic insoles. There are many conditions including Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain, metatarsalgia and ball of the foot pain we can treat.

Biomechanical Assessment

We can assess your foot function where abnormalities are causing pain during activities. With the correct diagnosis we can prescribe appropriate exercises and orthotics to aid a speedy recovery for many foot function conditions.